Friday, August 31, 2007



embi. said...

Yr project is brilliant-- I love th' idea of portable art... anyway, I have a story about the Bumbershoot Invasion!
T'day a couple of "security guards" tried to tell my boyfriend & I that we could not remove any of the window clingies; I informed them about the artist's statement that I had read at encouraging folks to take 'em and put them in other places, etc. and they would have nothing to do with it.
Ten feet away there was a Clearwire booth, so I asked the reps there to take a look at your website and then take a 10' walk w/ me to reaffirm my position to the geriatric guards. He kindly did just that, and the security people became upset (& prolly pooped their pants) and told us to take the damn stickers and the entire building while we're at it.
We stuck w/ just taking a couple of static clings, while the old people watched w/ looks of disgust.
I just wanted to let you know that this project is jamtastic slash starting riots & you should keep it up! It felt good to rub art in the faces of uncultured boobs.
also, I was wondering if it was your intention for the clingies to be taken away by B-shoot goers or to just stay there to get your site noticed.
ps th' one of Chihuly that says 'slightly imperfect' is lovely & golden at the same time.

scntfc said...

thanks for the story! the bumbershoot invasions were all for taking. it sucks if some rent-a-cops put a damper on the fun, sometimes it only takes a slight shift from the 'norm' to completely confuse people.

starheadboy said...

That sucks that security was discouraging people from taking the static... I wonder how many others got stopped from grabbing up some stuff. Going to Clearwire and looking up the site was completely brilliant...good thinking! That static was meant to find its way into the homes and hearts of the people of Seattle! YAY!!!